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Reviews for "Outsmart!"

Excellent game, many aspects are fresh and great fun overall. I found it necessary to refresh and reload the game after the CHA challenges, I think you have a memory leak somewhere there.

That was a super hard game when I first started. It gets a little glitchy sometimes, and that cause me to have to refresh...when my last save was a wile ago. lol so that was annoying. The minigames were pretty fun, and I liked how simple the map was. A lot of these dating sims have confusing maps. Alot of fun. Possibly my favorite. Finished with 95,000...and 0 Intelligence. -_-

Wow I love this game, great art and cool story 5/5
Would of done all the events, but then I got abducted by aliens on the day it was on Thanks Mr Aliens

Awesome Game And Nice Graphics!

Great game :3