Reviews for "Outsmart!"

Excellent game, many aspects are fresh and great fun overall. I found it necessary to refresh and reload the game after the CHA challenges, I think you have a memory leak somewhere there.

I really liked this game. I like all sim dates, but some of them are just too easy. I love how you have to play the little mini-games to level up, and how you had to unlock the some of the actions by leveling up. I did come across a glitch, if you click chit-chat while you're still talking (the part after the loading bar when you click chit-chat) it will load, and you can leave the screen, but the loading window won't go away. I liked the graphics on here too, really cute, and was that dude wearing a bow on the back of his head? (Or maybe I'm seeing things?) The only thing I can really think of that would maybe make it a bit better would be the option of changing your character's appearance.

So, if it wasn't already obvious, I really like this game it was pretty good.

I could get the perfect ending!!! *-*. It´s very intresting because you have to think how could you reach the goal (and the events are helpful). Love the art too.

Wow I love this game, great art and cool story 5/5
Would of done all the events, but then I got abducted by aliens on the day it was on Thanks Mr Aliens

Awesome Game And Nice Graphics!