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Reviews for "Outsmart!"

I love this game! The art is cute, and I love the minigames!
It's pretty challanging and fun! But the game freezes a little sometimes.
And I really hate it when I always get bad luck on that random stall thingy on weekends.
I always get splashed by a car...
But hey! It's a really great game! You should make more games like this!

Excellent game, many aspects are fresh and great fun overall. I found it necessary to refresh and reload the game after the CHA challenges, I think you have a memory leak somewhere there.

A neat take on dating sims!

I really liked the graphics and the way you have little mini games that people have to complete in order to level up instead of it just giving it to you.

A few things though, I got confused on where certain events can be trigger, (for instance, when, exactly can I meditate in my room?) it'd be nice to have a "message recap" somewhere I can read during play.

Also, the game has some bugs in it that need to be worked out. First time I played I got the "bad ending" just fine, then I tried again from a loaded game, my time ran out and I got "undefined". There are a couple things I've found that'll cause the game to get "stuck" and I have to reload it.

Still, overall though a real good entry in the dating sim section!