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Reviews for "Outsmart!"

I could get the perfect ending!!! *-*. It´s very intresting because you have to think how could you reach the goal (and the events are helpful). Love the art too.

It was pretty good, found it to be sorta easier than everyone made it seem. lol. Ended up with 100k and 100 in everything, got the perfect ending :D! But overall a great game.

I really liked this game. I like all sim dates, but some of them are just too easy. I love how you have to play the little mini-games to level up, and how you had to unlock the some of the actions by leveling up. I did come across a glitch, if you click chit-chat while you're still talking (the part after the loading bar when you click chit-chat) it will load, and you can leave the screen, but the loading window won't go away. I liked the graphics on here too, really cute, and was that dude wearing a bow on the back of his head? (Or maybe I'm seeing things?) The only thing I can really think of that would maybe make it a bit better would be the option of changing your character's appearance.

So, if it wasn't already obvious, I really like this game it was pretty good.

That was a super hard game when I first started. It gets a little glitchy sometimes, and that cause me to have to refresh...when my last save was a wile ago. lol so that was annoying. The minigames were pretty fun, and I liked how simple the map was. A lot of these dating sims have confusing maps. Alot of fun. Possibly my favorite. Finished with 95,000...and 0 Intelligence. -_-

Wow that was really hard! Am I the only one that got a bad ending with barely 20000 at hand? :C But it was really fun!