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Reviews for "Outsmart!"

Such a difficult but great game.

The game is great! >A< Super awesome!!!

Yet, I spot a bug?
I'm playing a "continue" version to get all endings and I've got ending 2 and 3, but when I'm playing this time and have all love + intelligence + charm maxed out, it shows the family scene with Robme says: "undefined" in the dialogue box and that's it!
The scene stopped at that no matter how many time I click, also, thanks to that, I can't move to the menu :(

I really like this game. I wish there was an option to skip already seen dialogue (or at least speed up the text) though. And there was some lagging. But all in all I loved it! <3

Great game :3

I LOVE this game. Know what I don't love? Lag. Even on the lowest quality setting I get bad lag. Makes it hard to get some of the higher achievements. Still, awesome game. :)