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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"


Ok first off I'd like to say yea there are a bunch of things that could be improved with programming, having saves, fixing glitches etc and its pretty disappointing to see people giving you a low score over petty matters like that when in all fairness everyone really enjoyed the game. In fact I enjoyed it that much you deserve a 10 in spite of all the problems, great potential and I liked the detail details.
Alot of effort went into creating this game so well done and keep up the good work :D

Would have been 9 stars...

...but then you went and made me hear Christopher Walken's voice. Nice work.

One issue--I tried to buy gnomes (1 population, 1 lumber, 5 meat, 3 fruit) but got the "You need more resources" error message even when I had plenty of all four. Perhaps the latest patch had unintended consequences?

Fantastic game all around--I had no issue with the trade system and liked the challenge of no save feature. Looking forward to the sequel!

Couple of issues:
1- The trade obviously, needs a mass trade amount then just the hold button
2- When you leave the game, even when saved, and return later... you have to build the whole place up again and recruit your troops again.
3- needs a bit more explaining about the spell/conjuring thing
4- stats of the troops don't seem to match with the reports or those you need to face in the quests
5 - maybe a bit more interaction with the heroes you pick?
6 - other methods to get shrooms, ale, and gems besides the trade
7 - needs a SEND ALL troops button, not just only for the groups
8 - maybe some enemy invasion to help spice things up, like having to make two or more troop squads with the other captains then the one you're using for questing

Otherwise, for a test game, this was awesome. Just tweak those things and had an awesome plot line toward the final battle and this will rock.

this game is amazing i took me three hours to find it on here again because i forgot the name but it was worth it

I thought I'd have to rate this a 4 or lower, because of the intro message. However after playing I see that it's a really fun management game! I love these types of games, however it does get a bit repetitive, so just bear in mind it can get you into a rut sometimes.