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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

Very fun and addicting game!

This game is really fun! I love the graphics and the quest results! So far I've gotten 1M Exp... must keep playing....

I agree with the others.

Massproduce buttons are a MUST. And a few more missions. :) Otherwise fantastic. Addicting game. But buying thousands of troops takes time and clicks like a mutha. lol

Great Game ...but there are buts ^^

really great game. as others have allready said the only innerviating things are the lack of masstrade, massbuilding and masstroopgeneration. everything else is great. and if you expand that game with more missions, possibilities, dungeons it would be a real thrill. i enjoy games like these. and here something for all the others: i stopped playing at explvl something about 3.000.000. the only way i was able to actually build the troops i needed was by using ghostmouse/remouse. usually said to be cheating but in this case it merely helped to balance out the missing massproduction buttons. and a little hint: if you have some time rather spend your silver on masses of mills and then use the lumber to build thousands of hovels. that way you will increase your income of gold/silver. i measured about 13000 gold every 50 seconds at a population of about 130.000. i know, geeky, but i´m sick at home, bored, and i was like "darn i want to beat the hardest dungeon, whatever it may cost". it took a few entire armies to notice that a humungus one is needed. most of the units were about 1500, warriors, boggins 15000, even knights 1500, only cultists, mages and clerics were 100 each. so the last time i tried i made sure to have enough ^^.
@Creator thank you very much for this game and please enlarge and update it, i would really enjoy that. thanks again. GrumPM

Just a bit more effort for an epic game

Add something so you can sell more resources at a time, and maybe the hability to improve other farms, like the fruit farm and mines, and you have one of the best games!

Some pointers

A save feature and/or a feature where you can adjust how much you sell of eatch resource, i end up with around 700000 wood and selling at 1 wood per 1 gold is very very boring and long long time... I would like to be able to sell maybe like 10,000 wood at a time...