Reviews for "Cliff Shenanigans"

I lol'd

Nice but the fall could have been higher, it seems he fell from a short distance yet managed to be fatally injured. Maybe a higher frame rate for the fall would fix this.

fluffkomix responds:

frame rate won't change anything

but uh the amount of time that he was falling in the flash, if you were to fall for that time in real life you'd probably die too

Made me laugh

+ Cognitive art.(simple and optimized)
+ Very expressive and detailed.
+ Multiple Perspectives.
+ Background didn't take focus away.

fluffkomix responds:

why thank you that's what i was going for :D


Great job on this your design is good quality

fluffkomix responds:

thanks! :D



fluffkomix responds:

i appreciate your kind words


Thats some pretty sweet frame-by frame animation right there!!

fluffkomix responds:

thanks man :)