Reviews for "Cliff Shenanigans"


but shorter

cool though


fluffkomix responds:


Well done, just not "epic'.

Animation: Clean, smooth, I could tell waht was going on. The animation shocased a decent amount of personality, I really liked his expression when he realized he was still falling while holding the branch.

Sound: The entire flash felt like it was missing a little bit if extra sound, but what sound was there was functional and clean, especially the scream.

Concept: not really fair to judge, considering this is for a contest, but the twist at the end was clever, and well executed.

Overall: I liked it, but it could have used some polish. Good work.

fluffkomix responds:

pretty good review, i appreciate it.

Yeah my main problem was i was on a strict timeline so i didn't have much time to get sounds together and work on backgrounds and such.

this was awsome

i love your sense of humor and the animation was great

fluffkomix responds:

thank you kindly

I lol'd

Nice but the fall could have been higher, it seems he fell from a short distance yet managed to be fatally injured. Maybe a higher frame rate for the fall would fix this.

fluffkomix responds:

frame rate won't change anything

but uh the amount of time that he was falling in the flash, if you were to fall for that time in real life you'd probably die too