Reviews for "Cliff Shenanigans"

Made me laugh

+ Cognitive art.(simple and optimized)
+ Very expressive and detailed.
+ Multiple Perspectives.
+ Background didn't take focus away.

fluffkomix responds:

why thank you that's what i was going for :D

That was very witty

It could've been longer, but you made the most of a small time frame. Animation was good overall, and it was hilarious to see that guy's reaction to the broken branch.

fluffkomix responds:

whenever i tested that last scene i always giggled to myself :)

Very funny!

My recommendations:

1. A more detailed background such as cloudy and sunny (I understand time constraint).

2. A little bit of voice when he is about to fall.

3. When he grabs onto the branch, have it at an angle where we think it is still on the cliff, but isn't (because it snaps off immediately). What you currently have is an inconsistency - which is fine as it is, but the branch seemed to hold him up pretty well and then suddenly snap without us knowing.

Just some suggestions :)
Still great artwork, animation, and humorous plot.


fluffkomix responds:

well that was the point of the whole thing, you're not supposed to know that it was broken. But yeah i do know what you're talking about, thanks

Pretty good quality.

The only problem was that little bi when he hit the ground. The animation seemed off somehow.

fluffkomix responds:


funny things are funny

I actually loled when he looked up at the branch, and then he hit the ground, frikken priceless.

fluffkomix responds:

i laughed as well