Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"


Loved it. Like the upgrades a lot, and the lava suit and triple jump make this pretty original.
Some of those achievements are sufficiently challenging. I cant figure out how to shave another 15 seconds off my time on the first level.

Simple and neat

There's a Diamond Hollow I? Because if so, I gotta play it because this one is just too good.
The neat graphics and the cutesy enemies and character give it a wonderful atmosphere. The whole collection thing also gives the game a good replay value and gives something for those crazed gamers (with OCD... jk) to complete. The story also complements the "cute" atmosphere of the game and I just love the 8-bit music you used.

Thanks for making this game!

Wonderful Game!

Wonderful game! It had an interesting story(despite the downer ending) and the gameplay was simple yet engaging! Even though I lost my hard-earned save game because apparently clearing cache/cookies for Firefox also kills the save and despite the fact that the game is pretty grinding-intensive, I wouldn't mind replaying this all over again.

Some player tips:
* Once you've gotten 25 of those giant RED diamonds (finish the game, then use the X-Ray Scope they provide in the final level to find all the missing hearts and red diamonds if you haven't got them all), the best way to grind for diamonds is to play the Tadpole minigame - a lot like the helicopter game. Why, if you can survive 40 seconds in there, you can earn 1000+ diamonds, and beyond that the rate in which you get diamonds increases exponentially. If you need help getting the diamonds, spend them on Attract to help you out.

* For upgrades, Jump is rather useless as you'll eventually get a double jump and then a triple jump. You only really need it when you're playing Boss Rush so that you can collect the 3 hearts for the airborne bosses.

* Upgrading Defense DOES make a difference. As you go up the levels, the same monsters deal more damage. Upgrading defense will lower it back down to 1 heart.

* Upgrading Agility and Attract will help heaps. It means you'll move fast enough to dodge some of the harder stuff later on and Attract will help you get diamonds if they have fallen into a small lava pit(in which it will save you either your life or your health depending on whether you have the Molten Suit upgrade later on and Defense) or you destroyed an enemy and need to catch the diamonds in mid-air.

* Weapons from best to worst: Prime Gun(1), Missile Gun(3), Spreader Gun(2), Rebound Gun(4). The Prime Gun, once fully upgraded, hits very hard and fires very fast. The Missile Gun will eventually find a couple of very important uses in Chapter 4, hits hard and its Shrapnel is great. Spreader Gun is pretty good for clearing large groups/lazy to aim. Rebound isn't very useful...

* Aiming the Missile Gun is slightly different from the other guns; while the bullet normally flies at the exact path the laser sight draws, the Missile Gun's missile will actually trail above the line (the bottom of the missile touches the upper part of the line). Knowing this will help you aim the Missile Gun a whole lot better.

I like the crunchy munchy MINIGAMES!

wow, I'd played the first, never expected a big-deal SEQUEL! very fun format, had plenty of replay and action from start to finish. Why can't more expanded games be like this one! MAXIMUM KUDOS!

pretty cute little game like it so far ... :3 i like collecting stuff and upgrade ..