Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

Epic Game!

Brilliant game mate, the only acheivment i need is the heroic one, but i fear im too tired now, been playing this waaaay too long.
Well done mate!


great game

I loved it

but i cant SAVE well didnt know how to at firt so i was on lv four... and i had to quit... and BLAMO! my stuff is gone... but i LOVED IT nice pixels... good art and nice story!... i just had to get all the medals I JUST HAD TO! but i like the work... chapter 3 was a bit hard... i died and died over and over... but it is just me...i loved how the weapon talked! and also that you can upgrade but only thing mission is that you can BUILD you own Lv!

please have a sequel to this one ;_; saga...

wonderful game man. pretty darn fun. it could be expanded with a few more levels and secrets, more weapons and ways to traverse the world (they could be added for a future release *HINT HINT*).

i'm not saying in any way that this game isn't amazing, though. it's addicting *_*


NNNOOOOOOOOO THE PROFESSOR STOLE MY GUN!!!!!! Great game though, i really loved it. Only issue, is the guns name Saga or Silo?