Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

good game

Really enjoyable, played for around 4 hours, keep on the good work :p

A very rich game!

Gameplay value:
- Interesting boss fights
- Various enemies with different abilities
- Weapons differ in abilities, not power
- Lots of skills and items to upgrade
- Tons of secret areas

Replay value:
- Certain items can be collected with items from later levels
- Multiple game modes with a rich variety of random environment

- Collision issues with bullets (shooting around corners sucks)

- Mission objectives each level
- Horizontal map expansion
- Level editor
- Random generated adventure maps
- Tweakable weapons (redistributable points)
- Multiplayer mode
- Pet taming
- More and better of everything already included! =P

Good Game.

Great Run'n'Gun game you got here.

Levels were nicely designed, enemy placement was smart and the bosses were fun and interesting.

I found that the only two guns worth upgrading all the way were the Main one and the rocket launcher. The spread gun and rebound were too limited in their uses.


i realy love this game it's simple yet adictive :3 good job with it

holy sh....

i have been addicted for 3 hours.. O_o