Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

awesome 5/5!

lol my charicter looks sorta like joe dirt but anyways i love this you gotta make another one it would be mindblowing!


Many Gaes are not as good as even the minigames of this one! Great work!

Two bugs:
1. My gun turns to permanent fire, even if I don't klick. How can I stop that (to get the 1. commentment achievement)
2. If you want to defeat the 5. boss in heroic easyly, go in the left corner and yust fire upwards with a fully upgraded rocket launcher. Its boring, but you wont get hit :)

arkeus responds:

You can press F to toggle autofire. :)


This game is fantastic i personally think it is one of the best out there keep up the good work


its a nice game ,plenty of fun :)
also the achievment of all your diamonds are belong to us ,isnt that from warcraft 3 or age of empires ,(only diamonds should be base)?:p
anyway doesnt matter ,its a nice game ,keep it up :D


Nice game. Had me playing for hours.

Heroic boss mode though? Damn that's too hard for me! :p