Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

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I spent around 6 hours straight on this and have nearly a 100% completion! this game is very very enjoyable even though i'm not usually a fan of platformers. and to the guy who says he didn't find a use for the last weapon. if you fully upgrade it it will be your only way to do the harder levels IMO and the minigames and other modes! Enjoy everyone!

One of the best out there!

This was one sweet game because the graphics were so fantastic! The main character reminded me a lot of Cloud Strife. I don't know what Cloud would be doing out here in the mines killing blob monsters. Now that I think about it, those blob monsters remind me of the ones from "Epic Battle Fantasy". It's amazing how much creativity was put into this. I know I got like seven medals but only two of them show up now.

It's simply great to hear all these little sound effects. I especially like how there are these cute little sounds that appear whenever you jump. Well, I guess sounds don't "appear" per se. I especially love the weapon where you continually fire. Those bosses can be difficult, especially when they have a total of three stages with increasing difficulty. It's still tons of fun and extremely addictive.


I've fallen in love with this game! Gameplay is incredible.

Perfect--great look, easy controls, fun music, sweet environment, elaborate premise, and oh how i love the upgrades! I generally tire from this kind of game pretty quickly because i don't have the patience to try over and over again, but this game managed the tricky balance between having to do the whole level over and over again and actually going somewhere and evolving. So much fun.

Currently my favorite game on Newgrounds! And I've played a lot of games on here! :D