Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

Rather Interesting indeed.

I noticed some heavy referencing from Portal 2. Nice. But makes this somewhat unoriginal. Other than that, it's a rather unique and addicting game. Although even for a smart gun, I'm not quite sure how it could "sense" a strong force ahead. And ti can't be THAT smart if it let the professor throw it in the cave in the first place.

But never-the-less, keep up the good work.

Weird concept

So you still get the bad ending, even if you collect EVERYTHING?

Unfair man, unfair.
But it was great fun though


this game is uberfun, 9/10 cause lack of save. but srsly, good job!

arkeus responds:

For users who are having issues with saving, what browser/OS/flash version are you using? Also, could you try right clicking, going to settings, and changing how much local storage it can use to unlimited? I haven't been able to replicate any issues with the save working in any browser/os/flash version I've tried.

Nice game!

I really like the game, but in the third chapter it began to lag so much that I couldn't play it anymore... And my computer should be fairly decent... :/
I liked the cute looks and the music was really catchy and nice.
I also loved the different weapons and upgrades.
It was also great that you had included keyboard controls, that helps me since I'm playing on a laptop with no mouse. :D
Too bad it lagged so much, I don't know why that is...

Found a (bug/glitch/)mistake :)

In Chapter 3, right before the checkpoint before the part where your gun tells you the mutants look cute, there is something inside a wall, possibly an enemy, which causes you damage if you touch the wall, can't be seen but can be killed.

It cost me a life so I decided to investigate. It's nothing too big, but it might seem like a bug to some people

Otherwise, great work. It keeps amazing me how simple elements can be used to make a great game over and over again! Keep it up 9/10