Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"


Awww man, I remember playing the original for hours, and during class, I'm happy to see that you've gotten around to adding most everything you said you were. Love it, thank you very much!


kjunajktemo tamata e to shikariua !...AWESOME!

Excellent game dude.

I've played through all of the weekly top 5 and honestly this game deserved daily #1 and weekly #1. Good mechanics, good story elements, nice scaling difficulty, nice upgrade system. The whole game seemed to be very well thought out. It was challenging at times but doable, to me, it sort of had a Megaman type feel reminiscent of the old super nintendo platformers.

Anyway, great job man, very well done game.

Simply outstanding

Where do I begin?

The music fits beautifully, adding to the overall experience.

The visuals feel warm and inviting.

The sheer simplicity of the game itself lends greatly to the feel.

Its a game I cant help but play. Favorited

very nice rpg game!
it was so funny when i received "Herobrine" anchievement, did you play minecraft? xD