Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

Epic Game!

Brilliant game mate, the only acheivment i need is the heroic one, but i fear im too tired now, been playing this waaaay too long.
Well done mate!

Cool Game

Cool Game

Diamond hollow 2 review

The good
The game is great I always have a strange liking to pixel style art
The controls are smooth and easy to use
The difficulty for came from the platforming and nothing else

The bad
As I said, the only difficulty for me was the plat forming the bosses I had no problem with fighting them they were not much of a problem other than that good game

please have a sequel to this one ;_; saga...

wonderful game man. pretty darn fun. it could be expanded with a few more levels and secrets, more weapons and ways to traverse the world (they could be added for a future release *HINT HINT*).

i'm not saying in any way that this game isn't amazing, though. it's addicting *_*


ECH I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. The music, the aesthetics, the gameplay, just asdfghjkl;