Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

Top Notch Game

This game blows away a lot of the other games cranked out by puppy-mill web game companies. This is like metroid, blaster master and megaman all rolled into one, with some cave story tossed in for good measure.

My single complaint is that I wished there was more variety in music. Seemed the same music was playing over and over, and it got repetitious. But, there's so much awesome in this game, I'm not counting off for that. It's a minor gripe.

My single suggestion ... if you make a 3rd game, please make the gun where you can eventually merge the weapon systems. I liked each gun separately, but the whole time I was playing, I couldn't help but think how insanely crazy it could get if you could merge rapid fire + spread + missiles + bounce, sort of how you can do in Super Metroid. Maybe have the player earn combo chips, letting them merge 2 weapons at first, then 3, and finally all 4. That would have done away with the need to spend points on shot speed, b/c the single-fire weapon would have been the "speed" weapon to dump points into for that, while the others would just focus on spread, missile and bouncy.

I know, I know, everyone has suggestions, and it's easy to make suggestions when we're not the ones implementing them. But just my two cents.

Excellent game! Difficulty definitely jumped as it went along.

great game

Definitely worthy of the lofty score. Great physics, great depth and detail, great story, great replay value, great music. The only flaws I could find was that sometimes the blobs would get stuck in the walls, and heroic rush is pretty much impossible. But I can tell you worked really hard on this, and it paid off.


such a great game! awsome graphic, controls, upgrade and stuff!!

well done

excellent side(up) scroller. reminiscent of contra/megaman.
Who needs any gun besides a maxed out spread gun?!?!

Diamond hollow 2 review

The good
The game is great I always have a strange liking to pixel style art
The controls are smooth and easy to use
The difficulty for came from the platforming and nothing else

The bad
As I said, the only difficulty for me was the plat forming the bosses I had no problem with fighting them they were not much of a problem other than that good game