Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

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I spent around 6 hours straight on this and have nearly a 100% completion! this game is very very enjoyable even though i'm not usually a fan of platformers. and to the guy who says he didn't find a use for the last weapon. if you fully upgrade it it will be your only way to do the harder levels IMO and the minigames and other modes! Enjoy everyone!

Rather Fun!

I haven't finished it, but this game is really fun. I'm sure I'll come back to it. The bosses are a bit crazy, but I've been able to beat them after a try or two so no problem so far.

It reminds me a bit of cave story.

The only thing that was a little meh is the level design is a bit clunky in places, but it's forgivable because the controls are very good and the enemies aren't too clustered to make it unpassable.


I cant fault this game in anyway.

Except.. its addicting >.>


I've fallen in love with this game! Gameplay is incredible.

This game is so amazing, can't even describe it. Very, very well done :D