Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

I have to say this game is FANTASTIC. It's balanced, fun, engaging, challenging, and has a TON of replay value. Every few months I come back to this game to replay it. I love it so much. 10/10 good game.

Currently my favorite game on Newgrounds! And I've played a lot of games on here! :D

controls were not nicely reactive. I would keep moving well after letting go of a key. Sometimes would not jump when I pressed jump. In a game where you need to dodge, not having perfect control is frustrating. There were upgrades for jumping, but as far as I got there was no need for it. Besides, when my character jumps late, or not at all when I need him too I felt like having a jump upgrade was a little silly.


pretty cute little game like it so far ... :3 i like collecting stuff and upgrade ..