Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

Great game!

Tremendously fun and hard to walk away from, even at 4 am!!
Love this game! Great job! :)

Diamond hollow 2 review

The good
The game is great I always have a strange liking to pixel style art
The controls are smooth and easy to use
The difficulty for came from the platforming and nothing else

The bad
As I said, the only difficulty for me was the plat forming the bosses I had no problem with fighting them they were not much of a problem other than that good game

Found a (bug/glitch/)mistake :)

In Chapter 3, right before the checkpoint before the part where your gun tells you the mutants look cute, there is something inside a wall, possibly an enemy, which causes you damage if you touch the wall, can't be seen but can be killed.

It cost me a life so I decided to investigate. It's nothing too big, but it might seem like a bug to some people

Otherwise, great work. It keeps amazing me how simple elements can be used to make a great game over and over again! Keep it up 9/10

The perfect platform game.

I can not be more impressed!

The platforms are my favorite genre. With this masterpiece have known perfectly recreate each and every one of the aspects that I miss in a game of this nature.

Is long, full, has many modes, many medals, great music retro, retro very nice graphics, good gameplay ...

From the Monster World, I have not been able to find adventures with the magic platforms themselves off Diamond Hollow II.

I think I found my favorite game of Newgrounds.

Thank you, iarkeus! =')

great game

I really loved the soundtrack, and the gameplay was great :)
the controls were a little weird, but I really enjoy it :P keep up the good work ^^