Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

I do like this game, and it's really well done and all, but... I don't like the controls. It's really awkward to have to tap keys and click at the same time, and when I switched to keyboard controls, there was no good way to aim the gun properly. Just having to move AND aim AND shoot made it all really... awkward. So I didn't really like playing it that much, and stopped after a short amount of time.

Awesome, almost perfect

It was very difficult to quit playing this game. I like it because you weren't pushed to finish the level in a certain amount of time. The upgrades were great, and finding all of the items, even with the X-ray, was very challenging. The boss battles as well were unbelievable. I have tried some of the side games, which are fun, but I'm particular to the main quest.
I am a big fan of 8-bit graphics, but the sprites need to be bigger to allow for more detail. It's hard to sympathize with a character who consists of only a few pixels. he music for the intro is good, but it's inconsistent with the rest of the music in the game which is chip tune. I think it's better to stick with one type of music for each game, unless the setting or location calls for it.
Despite the aesthetics, this was a fun game and I give it a high evaluation.

I like the crunchy munchy MINIGAMES!

wow, I'd played the first, never expected a big-deal SEQUEL! very fun format, had plenty of replay and action from start to finish. Why can't more expanded games be like this one! MAXIMUM KUDOS!

Great Game

The game is fantastic and the music is even better! Very nicely done


I've fallen in love with this game! Gameplay is incredible.