Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

It's being a while since I enjoyed a good game like this fun, interesting storyline, lots of upgrades and minigames. Awesome

Yo iarkeus,this game is great!I hope you make the sequel of Diamond Hollow.I hope that kid annihilate the evil professor in that sequel.:)

This may hurt some feelings, but I don't care. THIS GAME SUCKS!!! The graphics are cool, the controls are cool, the upgrades are cool,... BUT THE BUGS IN THE GAME JUST F__K THE WHOLE THING UP!!! I try to jump and he just does it when he feels like it. No connection lag, just I hit up and he waits to jump, or I don't hit up, and he jumps for no apparent reason. Also, HE SLIDES EVERYWHERE!!!! I'll hit the left key to scooch over just a bit, THEN HE SLIDES ACROSS THE FLOOR LIKE HE'S ON ICE!!! If you could fix all the F__king problems, it would be a great game, but until then, LEAVE IT OUT OF NEWGROUNDS!

takews more than 3 hours to load

NNNOOOOOOOOO THE PROFESSOR STOLE MY GUN!!!!!! Great game though, i really loved it. Only issue, is the guns name Saga or Silo?