Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

i have played this game on coolifedgames.com before but its much harder to do this when you start over but this has been one of my favorite games so heres 5 stars

very nice rpg game!
it was so funny when i received "Herobrine" anchievement, did you play minecraft? xD

where did you get the music for chapter 2

In terms of gameplay, especially, you are a genius. I took pleasiure in finishing the game at 100% (crystals, hearts..) which i rarely do. This was great. Thanks.

Maybe something to improve : the ending. I hoped for a bad/good ending if you find all the diamonds, but its not the case. I hoped for some more there. Maybe a double/triple boss battle or a secret final stage or something... more surprising :)

This game is quite sexy.