Reviews for "Diamond Hollow II"

Very Well Done!

The sound track is simply amazing (reminds me of Anamanaguchi) and the gameplay is fun and simple as well as the leveling system. The story was pretty enjoyable and the extra modes were a great addidtion! I hope to see a Diamond Hollow III!

Bad Controls = Extra Challenge

Some people don't need to upgrade to silly "good" controls ;)

Bravo, bravo!

I enjoyed this game immensely! Fun gameplay, nice graphics, and good music! It wasn't extremely difficult, but it wasn't a breeze to play through. I loved it!

Bad controls done on purpose?

I'm going to be strait forward and say. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GRIND FOR GOOD CONTROLS!!!! All through this game I thought it had bad controls with horrendous jumping untiil I started leveling up. This means the bad controls were done on purpose. Thus said if you have a problem with a level just grind with the old ones. Then it's easy as cake.


Nice game. Had me playing for hours.

Heroic boss mode though? Damn that's too hard for me! :p