Reviews for "The Epic Fall of Nyan Cat"


Love how the explosion just progressively grew. I was expecting a more delayed explosion following the first three, though. Funny either way. Good show.

ArtyomL responds:

Heh, thanks, it is a bit longer actually, but wateva. Thanks


I like how the Nyan Cat ran out of fuel and what not, but it could of been longer, otherwise, good job :P

ArtyomL responds:

It's for the mini-contest, so it doesnt't have to be long! But thanks anyway!

why did he have to die he so cute


ArtyomL responds:

Everyone's sick of him except you! XD But thanks for the rating nevertheless!

it took god a week to build all this

and nyancat crushed it by accident,
conclusion nyancat>god

anyway nice animation I really loved the fact that finally someon took the effort to animate the cat itself instead of using the sprites, and the mechanical theme you added to his vision...., strange but in a good way

ArtyomL responds:

It's always easier to break stuff than to make it. ;)

great,but nyan cat would have to be huge to destroy the eart and even huger to destroy the galaxy.also the mayans NEVER predicted the end of the world.I think they died out before finishing the calender.or they ran out of stone. and your forgetting there is no gravity in space.