Reviews for "The Epic Fall of Nyan Cat"


I like the part where he sploded.

ArtyomL responds:

Yeah I like that part too.
Thx 4 10!

i like

nyan falied

ArtyomL responds:

o rite zis gud

Nyan cat falled...

...and that´s how the world ended in 12/31/2011

ArtyomL responds:

31??! 0_o
Thx for the 10.

Its alright, but...

...but if a cat fall we 're all die, it's a very, very bit lame idea, but only a bit, I mean this should have an another ending, but expect that, it's perfect.

ArtyomL responds:

I would die happily knowing that he's going with me. But thanx 4 ze 10!


Finally, that song was starting to get on my nervs. I wonder if I can find i'ts body and devouer it

ArtyomL responds:

You sicko, but you gave a ten so it's all good!