Reviews for "The Epic Fall of Nyan Cat"


you made me lol so you're good :D

ArtyomL responds:

Yeah I'm so good, makin' people lol and everything.
Thanks for the 10.

Haha nice

One of my favourite entries for that contest, good luck winning it.

ArtyomL responds:

Heh, thanks, but I already lost. Oh well! Thanks for the 10!


Boom he hits an alien spaceship (My thought: wow lame), he hits an asteriod (My thought: ok whatever), he hits a street and it blows up (My thought: dude awesome!), the world blows up (My thought: DUDE HOLY SH**), the entire solar system blows up...

I have a heart attack because of how awesome that was.

ArtyomL responds:

Whoa, this is my first time giving someone a heart attack! FUN! Still, thanks for the 10!


Your nyan cat look....fat i guess are u sure that is nyan cat? i mean look at the face well the body is okay i guess...

ArtyomL responds:

As I have said before, the original is very low-res, so we can't tell if he's fat or not.
But even if you don't like how nyan looks, still, don't you think this movie deserves more than a 3?


i guess...but maybee it could've been longer.

And more funny.


ArtyomL responds:

I guess... I don't know, kind of... Maybe... Probably your review could've made more sense... But idk...