Reviews for "The Epic Fall of Nyan Cat"

Little question...

Where would he even fuel up in the first place? :P

ArtyomL responds:

Well, do we know where he comes from?

Nyan Fuel

If you watch this backwards. Nyan Cat saves the universe! But he must suck in rainbows to refuel!

ArtyomL responds:

Well, yeah, pretty much. He also kinda fixes a flying saucer.
Thanks for the 10!


This is the very first submission I've seen so far for the Epic Fall contest. I actually have some ideas of my own, but I don't know how to use Flash, so yeah. My idea though was Rainbow Dash going so fast she can't see properly and then she runs into Derpy and falls down to the ground, dead. I don't really like Rainbow Dash that much, so people who do might find this...well, let's just say it wouldn't exactly be their cup of tea...

ArtyomL responds:

Haha, most random review ever!
I don't like Rainbow Dash too, my fav is still Pinky Pie XD
Thanks for the tens!

Epic but.....

Great animation but you know that you are going to keep criticized on and on again about the cat being fat! Maybe he had lots of pop-tarts to eat! lol!

ArtyomL responds:

I don't know, I kinda like fat cats more than skinny ones lol
I mean the original is so low-res that you can't tell if he's fat or not. That's how I see him ;)
Thx 4 da 10


Maybe he got so fat because of all the stuff he's been eating! :)

ArtyomL responds:

Hah yeah, in all the fan made games he is eating candy. I wonder why..
Thanks for the 10 :))