Reviews for "The Epic Fall of Nyan Cat"

hahaha funny

just when i thought nothing good could ever come out of the internet ever again

well job dude, nice stuff

ArtyomL responds:

Yay, I saved the internets!
Thanks for the 10!

He landed on his feet, right?

It was an amusing short. I liked your drawing of the nyan cat, though his back leg animation didn't look quite right (not that I know much about the anatomy of a poptart kitty). His fall was plenty epic though, maybe work on the explosion to reflect just how epic it was!

ArtyomL responds:

Well, before getting into this, I watched some videos of running cat trying to understand how their anatomy works, but at the end I couldn't fully capture the correct motion, I must admit.


Totally didn't see that coming! Loved it, and lol'd it! XD

ArtyomL responds:

These are the reviews I enjoy receiving! Glad I made you lol!
Thx for the 10 btw!


too much good and hilarous than the original one this rocks

ArtyomL responds:

Haha, thanks!
And thanks for the 10!


i got to admit that this was hilaryus finaly nyan cat fell out :S

ArtyomL responds:

"Hilarious" makes me proud :))
Thanks for the tens!