Reviews for "The Epic Fall of Nyan Cat"


If the universe blows up due to nyan, but no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound?

And yet another cutesy meme turns into a love/hate affair.

ArtyomL responds:

Umm... I have little to reply, but I promised myself to respond to every review...
Thanks?.. I guess...

instead of an overdone explosion....

It may have been funnies just to have Nyan cat land in a toaster, then random person X pulls it out and takes a bite.... but that's just me.

ArtyomL responds:

Actually, when I read this, a really violent and bloody scene came to my imagination.

a little amusing

I felt that the ending was a bit too exaggerated and could of been MUCH better

ArtyomL responds:

Remember that I had little time, and I know that the movie feels rushed and needs polish, but the deadline was Sept 30!

Really epic, but...

... Did I see the Earth blows up two times?

ArtyomL responds:

Kinda, I wanted to make that effect where the explosion is shown some times from increasing height.
Thanks for ten!


I have a question, the cat fell on her feet? xD

ArtyomL responds:

Haha, haven't thought about that! But even if that happened, it still was on fire.
Thx 4 the 10!