Reviews for "The Epic Fall of Nyan Cat"

Sweet As!

I like Nyan stuff, so naturally I LOVE THIS! Awesome animation, and it's about time the galaxy exploded :P 5 and a 10!

ArtyomL responds:

Hah thanks! Yeah this galaxy thing is getting old doesn't it?
Thx 4 10s!

Good but...

It didn't really have an ending or punchline. He just ran out of fuel and fell. Not into a toaster, or a dog pound, or into anything, cliche or not. It was funny enough but the joke never really happened.

ArtyomL responds:

It's for the contest! It is an epic falling!

What a good flash submission!

If they were true to ask when they were so awesome to ask for an awesome flash submission.

ArtyomL responds:

Awesome is a nice word indeed! Thanks for the 10!

omg 0_0

That cursed cat is die!!!!!!!...but..the world too.Jojojojojo two or for in one

ArtyomL responds:

I think it's fair enough.

Just caught one problem

Ignoring that I just watched a video about a cat/poptart hybrid flying through space on a rainbow, one thing inparticular bothered me. Nyancat wouldn't have just fallen like that, it would have continued drifting in space at the same speed when the rainbow ran out since it's in space. Thats Newtons law, right? :o

Anywho, solid animation accompanied by good sound effects. The everything explodes ending was a bit abrupt but it's to be expected from an epic fail vid.

ArtyomL responds:

Yeah I thought that too, but do Newton's laws take the existance of a cat/poptart hybrid flying through space on a rainbow into account?