Reviews for "---Steel Terror---"

Being it so much cray-zay, nonetheless I got hypnotized!

I haven't been a long time fan, but every time I listen to one of your songs, they continue to be epicly awesome. My favorite ones sound like music for a boss fight, and this just so happens to be a new favorite of mine. Good job, and keep up the epic.

This song is just as I'd expect from one of my favourite music artists! So BADASS

Acid-Notation responds:

Heheh thanks!

Everything sounds good dude

Acid-Notation responds:

Glad you like it!

If you don't mind me asking what programs and plug-ins do you use??

It wasn't bad, i really like the distortion in that lead. As an individual song is was great, but i feel as if your
"style" is getting a bit old. Seems like the same sounds different vocal clips. Nonetheless still good, it;s like Envy, he did the same thing over and over and it was good yes!! but when he stepped out of his comfort zone that's when the GREAT things started happening!!

onto the song.
(I'll sum it up so it's not too long)


Lead and background sounds
Not too repetitive especially for the length of the song


I feel like you need to work on EQ. Sometimes the sounds clash in their respected frequency.

Acid-Notation responds:

I use FL Studio 10 and Sytrus for many of my synths. Thanks for the review!