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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"


This game is very awesome and spectacular. You've done a great job but there are problems:
1: There is no story behind it like how did Captain Fugly get in the god knows what place.
2: No Ending.

But that's it. Good job, pat yourself on the back buddy.

realy good game.

You deserve 10, despite of poor graphics, but I din't care about it. Level 35 is craaazzyy!!!

I hate spoilers

they just crap with most part of the game....


I love pixel platformer games, they remind me of the old pixel games. I have to say my most favourite thing was that there was no lag ever, which made the game more enjoyable. The music was some cool rock, which I thought would have gotten repetitive at first, but after a while I couldn't wait for the epic chorus! The game starts off easy, but it gets quite challenging in the further levels but there's something about the game that just makes you say to yourself ''I have to complete this level, NOW!''. I enjoyed this game a lot and I hope to see more like this from you, dabrorius.

I like how, despite being very hard in places, the game manages to make failing feel like it's the players fault. There aren't any "gotchas" out of nowhere, every time you die you could've seen it coming if only you'd stopped and observed for a few moments - the game even offers plentiful safe platforms for you to stop and look at the patterns.

Of course, for the purposes of this review, I'm pretending the last few levels don't exist(half a star off for those).