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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

pretty easy

was good, but i would have liked a tad bit more difficulty.


Brilliant game! Not to hard, not to easy.
Level 14 can be broken by jumping over the wall at the start, not sure of this was intended:P

Great platformer

Challenging just enough to be hard at times without hair - pulling hardcorness (after all, not every game must make a player break down and admit his defeat after 30th approach - in fact, most shouldn't do that, except these days it's often of a mistake that true game = hardcore game, except everybody forgets Konami code was there to save everyone's ass back in the day :P)

There's one odd bug I found, or maybe it's just me being odd - on my first play, it never occured, but now that I sometimes move through levels, the moving platform that's supposed to fall as you jump on it - I can't react with it, my guy just moves through it as if it's air.

Not bad

Felt like an IWBTG ripoff, but maybe that's just me. Most of them weren't that hard but level 34 was definitely the hardest (to me). Some were just jokes, some looked like you thought they were harder and really were kinda easy, and some were actually tough. Not too bad overall, but could use some work.


I love pixel platformer games, they remind me of the old pixel games. I have to say my most favourite thing was that there was no lag ever, which made the game more enjoyable. The music was some cool rock, which I thought would have gotten repetitive at first, but after a while I couldn't wait for the epic chorus! The game starts off easy, but it gets quite challenging in the further levels but there's something about the game that just makes you say to yourself ''I have to complete this level, NOW!''. I enjoyed this game a lot and I hope to see more like this from you, dabrorius.