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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"

too easy

but great as a mini game


For what it is..

A job well done!

Time well spent on this.

It's good. But it's a little too original, just a simple double jumper platformer, of course when my friend showed me this, I was expecting just a bit more, I beat the game in 15 minutes (in my oppinion it was pretty easy actually, but it might just be because im good at platformers.) In a way it kind of reminded me of "The guy" on super meat boy as a playable character sorta, thats pretty much how I see this. So in conclusion, it's a pretty easy game if you're use to platformers, you probably will die every here and then, but it's worth your time, try it out.

This game is hard and AWESOME!

Also, @4pop2tart0: It's not laggy at all. Your computer just sucks.

it's alright

but it's very laggy, so it's hard to get through the levels. and annoying.