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Reviews for "Captain Fugly"


i bet i would have enjoyed the game but... well nothing happens when i click the play button

funny game

it was a good game...not very hard but good :)
but one question..maybe it is only me but...are the medals working because i beat the hole game but i didn't get any medal..XDD

pretty good actually

At first glance i thought "man, this sure is going to suck". After playing for a while however the game started to get pretty fun and i changed my mind. A decent platformer with a really catchy tune kept me playing through the whole game.

I do think however that you could've done the levels more interesting when it comes to the backgrunds. I'm not saying there needs be advance graphics or anything but something different than just "gray" would've added some enjoyment.

The medals could've also consisted of something a little more exciting, like "beat the whole game without dying", "get through the whole game in X amount of time" and so on...

But you did allright with this, it's not bad at all.

So good!

I have finished the game 100% and I applaud the progressive difficulty curve, which, at any time it becomes easy, but not too desperate.

Additionally, the game is neither too short nor too long, which is not repeated at any time.

All you add is a little more variety of scenery and music.

I look forward to a sequel!

Great job;)


AUTHOR BITCH TROLL, I'll find you Bleyan and anal punished! (I'm waiting for part 2)