Reviews for "Demigods"

watched this years ago, before i had a proper newgrounds account.

years later i still love this thing.

Bravo! This is extremely epic and awesome, thus you did a fantastic job making this. Kudos to you! I do hope we get to see Xyrion again in more of your flashes. He's a pretty awesome dude, taking down his Poseidon-ish father like that. Putting him in just one flash (technically two if you count the trailer) seems to be a waste of a great character in my opinion.

Also, I did notice among the God King's offspring a dude who looks exactly like the Green Knight from Castle Crashers. I found that to be a bit funny.

This is a really great animations, love it.

WAIT, iknow who the secret character is ,the green knight from castle crashers.

kratos would be proud