Reviews for "Demigods"

Percy Jackson the ORIGINAL Pitch!

I like how you made Poseidon the God King in this and didn't go with Zeus. At first I thought it WAS Zeus and was wondering why he had Poseidon's trident, but then all the things with the water and sea serpent, I got it.

You could really go more into this. Like saying Poseidon won the drawing in this universe, or got fed up with Zeus's shit and overthrew him. Could throw Hades in for something. Like Either Hades or Chiron trained the demigod in this, and expand on him a bit more. Definitely not Percy Jackson or Theses.

Only real fault I could find was there was no singing. Everyone LOVES fight music, but they like the lyrics too.

javarush214 responds:

yeah forgive me for that, i had to change the main music of the fight animation in a rush, because of the copyright. so yeah. anyways i appreciate your comment man :)

Completely Unoriginal

It's the story of Greek Mythology God (Cronos) killing his children upon a prophecy, some survive and come back to kill the father and take over.

You just swapped out Kronos for Poseidon and Zeus with a random anime character...

Plus awkward music, iffy animation, and unifitting voiceovers.

javarush214 responds:

tbh i really never knew about the story of chronos about that prophecy thing before. i only found out when i finished the story already..

anyways your entitled to your opinion. but still its kind of shallow.

It's alright.

I know you worked hard on it, and the ideas and design were all good, but the animation and the music didn't quite cut it.

The music suddenly cut in and it was suddenly a battle- no buildup at all besides "Except one survived", not even a "whenever years later", and the sudden music didn't really help, or match all that well. I know this bit might just be my opinion, but it just seems off-key to me.

Along with that, the animation looped quite a number of times and repeatedly used the same view techniques. Instead of following the person you're focusing on with the viewpoint shaking violently, why not zoom the camera out and watch him run across or fall off the cliff instead, to give it a cinematic feel? It's not terrible, and as was stated by another before me, a lot of animators do it, but it just felt like it was one big repeat with different images.

On the positive side, I personally liked the drawn element- each pose is done with detail, and the overall design is excellent. The ending cutscene was quite well done, as well as the Neptune- or Poseidon-like status of the 'big bad' (the sea gods of old times were always high ranks, right?).

Overall, it was quite good with the artistic ('still frame') aspects, but it desperately needs work on aspects more unique to animated pieces.

Are you sure flash is what you want to do? You seem like you would make excellent comics or comic books.

javarush214 responds:

yes im sure animation is what i want to do, i worked hard to improve in animating. asking someone if he/she should choose a different path/career is like asking a chef if he really wants to cook.

I appreciate your other comments though thanks!

Pretty good

It's kinda, Devil may cry meets God of war, not the best i've ever seen but the best i've seen recently, but i agree with previous reviews, yes, you re-used anims, and yes they were limited powers, but for a five-ten min short, it fits the bill. keep up the good work


Yes, the others are right. you did reuse some animations. Understandable, but God King's powers were very limited. You'd think that ruler of Earth would be able to control the Earth and air, as well and the sea. and not as much action as most of the flashes i've seen. this one was mainly about killing the sea serpent.