Reviews for "Demigods"


That was great, hope they make it as a game in NG.

Sooooo yeah

How many people have seen the castle crasher in the intro so far?

probably not the first to say but, GOD OF WAR III

seriously, fun, but Kratos vs Poseidon all over again

Garados! Use Hyperbeam!!!!

ha ha just kidding, pretty good, love mythology but I would prefer to see some unique abilities and not just a generic anime person, felt like it was well intended but at some points it just seemed to drag on. I felt like you were making your point by repetition instead of allowing us to come to it ourselves. That being said it was a lot better than what I could do! KEEP GOING you have a bright future ahead!


wow I dont know what this guy below me smoked, but you have no taste.
and why the hell do you guys keep mentioning about zeus poseidon and god of war, devil may cry and any other stories? it doesnt mean that if the godking has a beard, is old, powerful and has water powers definitly make him zeus poseidon or any character that reminds you of him. stop being stereotypical and effing enjoy the show mates.

Regarding the movie. it was pretty epic man! favorited 5'd and 10/10

though i agree with JoeQuabla, the run loop was repeatedly used. but it doesnt matter to me much coz it looks alright and its done by many animators! for me thats the only flaw which doesnt even matter since most of the movie's scenes, dynamic angles and awesome action makes up for it.

just do whatever your doing man! dont let some of this haters get you down. as they say haters gon hate and you cant please everyone!



javarush214 responds:

you must be reffering to the guy below terry XD
anyways i appreciate how you back up my animation and also thanks for the comment man. ill try to fix that running thing since thats what others are talking about most.