Reviews for "Demigods"



all my 5iver belong to this

I liked it. Very smooth animation. I guess the concept of 'self-fufilling prophecies' was after the God-King's time.

love it!

Awesome work i loved everything about it.I hope you go far as an animator. man hey I'm sorry about your grandma i know how it is my mother has cancer. Just stand by her and the rest will fall into place. Im sure you made her proud with this work =)

Very Yes.

Your animation is great, and I love that in myths it's all, "One of your sons will kill you, probably because you're going to try to kill him after hearing this prophecy"

Very Good

I love god stuff, since I read that book about the Greek Gods for Freshman Year. It has the elements of the entire father son murder angle, trying to prevent a prophecy, but getting killed. And to the people who bitch about him being Zeus or Posiden, just forget about that, and sit back, smoke some weed, and enjoy the flash(PS, this in no way encourages people to get high)