Reviews for "Demigods"

Awesome.. now make a game!!!

This has a great idea for a indeep flash game, like customizable demigod character powers and so on, the video is great, art simple and well, and the idea is also nice, btw making the other sons fighting the Hydra would be great too!

GJ man.

Great Movie

This was the best movie ever about demigods. Got the intro & went straight into the finale.
Song fit the fight scene
animation was fluid & smooth
action packed.
great job.


Really really good !
The animations are very fluid, which is rather rare, the drawings are really good too, the colorings are a bit messy sometimes, but oh well, I can't blame you at all !!
You've done a good choice on the music too, it's very dynamic, and the movements fit with the tempo.
The plot is also very interesting, I come to wonder, (and I think that's what you meant) if none of the God-King's kids would have "betrayed" him if he didn't kill them all !
Well anyhoo, I say that it was worth working a year, 'cause it's really well done !

Bravo !
I give you a 10/10 and a 5/5, because you deserve it =D

Have a good day n_n

very Nice Indeed!

The animation was very Nice! The running, the hair, the dragons and etc was animated Very nicely! In short THIS IS AWESOME!


it's like kratos and zeus from "god of war 3"!!!!!