Reviews for "Demigods"


Man this is trully Epic. It has a good start and opening. I thought you did fantastic! keep going and someday you should be working for a professional animation company making games, movies, or whatever you want! IF that is what you want to do. If animations are your dream, KEEP IT UP!!!


the best animation i ever seen
i can't explain it

nice flash bro !

Aaw, i expected him to spare the godking since he hesitated.

Sooo Inspiring

The two gods Poseidon and Zeus, joined as one, this is really one of the coolest animations i have seen so far man! hope you can make moar.

single Mistake

You seem to mistake Posedon to be the king of gods. It is Zeus. But other then that, wonderful action sequences, beautiful graphics, and good artwork.

javarush214 responds:

who said that the godking is a greek god? he is neither zeus poseidon or any greek god. :)