Reviews for "Bosses!!!"

Does not save.

OMG..... i was not ready for that...... WHY....... the hemotron 500 was killing people and using thier blood as a weapon ;_; (still a great game)

u can't jump high enough!!!! can't even beat frist!!

I would rather play megaman on the NES, but this game is still great.

The bosses have too much health

I played them all on easy. It was easy, but it's annoying always charging that blaster. There's an item after I defeat all the bosses on challenging, but my finger hurts. The bosses have too much health.

Cool concept though. I started fighting hydro on challenging and he had a new tactic, plus the stage changed; That's pretty cool, but I don't want to sit through his health bar. Also Giga Guy 1.0 was the hardest, idk what he's doing as the second boss. Giga Guy 2.0 was a walk in the park. Maybe it's because how they act on challenging? idk :o