Reviews for "Tac Nayn: Demolition Nayn"


That was really fun

good but

i was running killing everything but then it said "GAME OVER" i didnt fall into lava or anything i kept eating food and killing enemies why did i die?

nice game

i especially like the music

what's the song called and where can i get it?

Nice but...

It's a good game. Definitely something to help pass the time. But it's got a few glitches I ran into. Such as when I made a fun and it even showed that I did. It still said Game Over for me. also the jumps are a bit of an issue. While they're nicely made and work properly. Sometimes they get too complex for the jump feature to work them out. Other than that it's a great game. Love the weapons and the animation. Good work.

OK, but...

I think the game is ok, but it needs to have better jumping. I feel like it is hard to land the jumps, but otherwise, great game!