Reviews for "The King's League"


Sheer amazing. Would love a sequel.

kurechii responds:

Thank you! :)

Guess I will just repeat myself then

I reviewed this game the previous time it was submitted here. Sorry to hear it wasnt by the original author.

I found the game a bit confusing at first. I typically fast forward all story elements and tutorials and simply get straight into the game.

However, after some prodding, I figured everything out. Once I had, I enjoyed the game immensely. I would like just a little bit more time between matches to do quests or check out the hidden surprises on the map.

The only problem I had were the popups. I was annoyed whenever I was trying to train, or perform a quest, and the popup constantly interjected my actions with its reminder about the tournament. I didnt think it was necessary at all and just broke the flow of my actions as I hurried to get my team ready.

kurechii responds:

I think you have a good point here. Noted with thanks :)

Simply Amazing!

I am not going to play it here as I already did play and finish it on kongregate today.
However I have given it the vote it deserves and I hope here on newgrounds too it will make a mark soon. This game reminds me of mastermind: world conqueror, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed that. I was able to finish it in half an hour time unlike mastermind which took way too many hours. This game is true fun, and if you work more on gameplay, add more characters and make battles more fun, have like tons of slots for recruitment, then we are talking about a sequel :)
One suggestion though, after you release your game, site-lock it so that it can be played everywhere except at the sites where you want to upload the game yourself unless you are going to upload the same day.
PS: I am going to add it to my portal as well :)

kurechii responds:

Thanks for your suggestion! Appreciated! :)
We will learnt from the mistake.
And thanks for the rating too! Glad that you like the game!

The king has to heir?

the guy who fought 4 Champions has no heir?


I loved playing this game. It's fun making your "perfect" team and watching it fight against the other teams. I didn't like how after a while there was a skill ceiling for my characters and no matter what i did they wouldn't get more skill points. I later found out the hidden players are the way to go and got a team of them and quickly beat the game. all in all it was a fun short game

kurechii responds:

Thanks for playing and glad that you like the game :)