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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"


Nice Game ^^

good game but..

dont get me wrong its a very good get its kinda like those games to pass the time i guess but into like wave 4 i started lagging alot Man great game and all but you need to fix the lag and add a couple more enemies is what im saying


but quit hard sometimes

Really good, but too long

Sometimes is good to have a Madness game, which leave a bit of the sameness genocide, this one is a good exemple. The only thing I can actually complain about it is that the game is too long and the agents doesn't take damage from the road debris and yellow barrels, anything else for me is just the game regular difficult.

Also at the moment Jesus summoned zombies, I thought: "Man...Isn't this suppose to be Road of The Dead 2?". I mean, after the guy(I don't remember the name) escaped from the city, I do believe he would face something like this in the sequence: zombies and highway bikers, Right? I hope it be posted soon.

Good game, but needs checkponts.