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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

Needs to have a shop for upgrade

Everything was great except it lacks a shop

The-Swain responds:

Might try a new gameplay mode for the next one. Didn't wanna make it too "Road of the Dead" on our first run though.

Obnoxiously hard game >:(

This is definitely one of the harder games out there. I respect your talents as a flash artist and producer, but I can't help but feel that this time your work is incomplete. This causes your game to be much harder than it probably should, unless your intent was to weed out all but the very best players in the world by the time you get to the Impossible Zone.

Oh by the way the Impossible Zone is broken and does not work. All I'm getting is the results for wave 10 instead, and it stays there after the "Wave ?!!" thing.

The amount of detail put into the game's 2.5D look is pretty good, and I have little complaints about the environment itself (the yellow line isn't the true center). However, I find it really weird how depth perception screws with how fast paratroopers, zombies, powerups, agents, and road obstacles approach you. To put this into perspective, I see a slew of barricades down the road, and I see a health pack in front of the second one. I try to make for the health pickup, but for some reason the barricade actually zooms right past the health pickup and smacks me in the face. The hell...? It also does not make sense how you see zombies zooming away from you at 50 mph when your car gets wrecked.

In terms of the gameplay, I suppose if you had perfect reactions and everything, the game is fine. Except for three things.

The first is that the double AR ATP Agents from the trucks has caused me great headaches. I've tried and tried, but I just can't seem to get past that attack without sustaining damage. It seems to be more of an issue of hit area rather than me not being able to snipe down the baddies. Or alternatively, you could make it so that the attack doesn't last so long or make it so the truck doesn't inevitably hug you in the face so soon.

The second is the randomness of ATP Agents attacking you. It could be .5 seconds after they spawn that they decide to turn around and spray you, or they could just kite you for a while and attack. The problems get even worse when you're swimming in a sea of vehicle parts and bodies, since collisions and whatnot cause you to slow down, and you have no chance of gaining speed when you're dealing with 10+ ATP Agents and countless regular agents.

Third is that I could swear there's a safe spot at the far left end just in front of your travel zone, in that you just can't shoot them without a shotgun. Very annoying.

Other minor complaints:
-- You can't see paratroopers beyond the trucks very well.
-- Do the road obstacles deal damage to your car while you're being shown the wave results? If so, that's just a dick move, because you can't exactly see them.
-- Sometimes an ATP Agent can get stuck "inside" your car, causing you to move 42 mph at all times.
-- If you're moving violently, you can sometimes end up going through an agent. It's pretty comedic when you see agents apparently leap over your car, but it's also annoying when you're trying to prevent them from doing that in the first place by ramming into them.
-- It's just a hard mode grind after wave 6 or so. Waves 7-9 are annoyingly long, and sometimes you're just doing the "is it over yet?" routine.
-- Agents can go through road obstacles like they're not even there. I'm pretty sure they aren't circus clowns or acrobats either.
-- Shoving agents with your car results in serious grinding noises. Why jebus why!
-- Nevermind the speed issue, how can that car go 400+ miles without needing to refuel? I is jelly.

I don't think this game needs to go back to the drawing board, but you'll want to do some serious overhauling to make it more fun at the very least, if not easier. As pretty and workable as the game stands currently, it's still quite rough around the edges, and the difficulty is pretty unforgiving. However, practice makes perfect: even though my first run through I got pwned by Jesus, I got to the point where I could maintain solid green health by wave 7.

As a Madness tribute, this game is pretty solid. I await your future works.


I was on round 3 and the wave 2 results appeared again

So fast-paced!

Well this game is good, But I wish we could have some different charter's. Also some Inv gun's, I hope this helped but. Good job.