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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

I like it!

I think it has a lot of potential to be really fun and addicting, it just needs some fine tuning.

Overall, great job though!

Cool gameplay

Great game, but there are two things really bothering me.
The first one is that The screen is too large in height so i can't see it completely in my browser (i have 1440x900 screen resolution but the browser bars and windows task bar take a lot of space. Keep in mind that a lot of ppl have smaller screen resolutions too). The second thing is that when shaking off baddies, my cursor goes out of the flash screen the whole time, causing to lose focus or accidentally sliding down the NG page (which has the result that the game is out of sight).


challenging but fun... sort of^^

near to unbeatable ...concept is as always nice , but its still hard reaching wave 6<-out of 10+ xP ...design is ok ....healtbar could be better ...sound still another nice madness loop

Good But How To Choose Modes ??