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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

Quite a unique game

It's great to see the angle of a game done like this. You don't see many Madness Combat games like this or any other games here for that matter. I am glad to review my first Madness cartoon of the day! Well, it's a game, but you get the idea. The most annoying thing is that you can keep on firing and firing but never hit anything. You really have to follow the red stripe because a lot of the times I'm fooled into thinking the enemies have to be near the gun.

I was kind of hoping the car would explode when I died. It's still interesting to know that there are great vehicular combat games like this. It was still unique, because it wasn't you fighting over cars (except for the truck). I love to just see the agents flying around and being splattered everywhere. With the shaking off action, this seems like it would make a good game for the Wii.


Great game! Well worth the wait, and I enjoyed it.
I recommend trying this game out.

Very good.

This game is very good. I like the idea you have. The controls were simple the graphics were great just like madness. It has good upgrades but seems a little simple. Maybe you could add an upgrade shop or more than one simple course. The enemies are very cool though. The music and sound effects are very good they really fit the game. Overall a very well put together game yet seems like it could be improved.


This is killer!!!!!!!!!!!!

why navada