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Reviews for "Madness Ambulation"

Not bad, good concept.

I felt like it was much too easy. You could definitely include an upgrade system of some sorts (they seem popular nowadays) and/or increase the on-screen up grades. gun didn't shoot far enough and aiming was a little loose. music was good, more work it could have been better. add more levels, don't use a static terrain and include a reward (upgrade system) at the end of each wave and i think you'd have a front page game right here.

Better than the one on the front page.

Fun dynamic of being the car gunner type of idea. I liked it.


Another Madness game. And this one is quite unique.


nice gameplay and grafixx. i rather find the controls out of place.

Hell yeah

Playable madness 9? yes please!! The kids on scooters were a nice touch, too...